Brian Wood Awarded Overseas Fellowship

Brian Wood, professor of environmental engineering has been awarded a fellowship by the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the United Kingdom’s leading learned society for mathematics.

Silvia Colussi-Pelaez: Energy Balance and Mass Transport

In the gym and at school, balance is the key to success for this CBEE athlete. (Photo courtesy of Scobel Wiggins)

Bev Miller wins 'Play It Forward' Award

BIOE student athlete excels

Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential

Thermochemical energy -- An advance in the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy may reduce reduce its cost and make it more practical for wider use. (Graphic by Kelvin Randhir, courtesy of the University of Florida)

Harper named recipient of Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

On the forefront of nanomaterial toxicology research

The School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University has its roots in one of the oldest and most respected chemical engineering departments in the western United States. OSU's undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering was first accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET in 1917. The school currently has more than twenty-six faculty members who pursue a variety of research and teaching activities.  The graduate program boasts MEng, MS, and PhD degrees in both Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

Engineers create a better way to boil water – with industrial, electronics applications

May 4, 2016
Engineers at Oregon State University have found a new way to induce and control boiling bubble formation, that may allow everything from industrial-sized boilers to advanced electronics to work better and last longer.… Read full story.

New type of cement could offer environmental protection, lower cost

Apr 28, 2016
If widely adopted, a new approach to making cement could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, help address global warming, produce a more durable concrete, and save industry time and significant costs.… Read full story.
Photo of traffic

Culture, crowding and social influence all tied to aggressive driving behavior

Apr 26, 2016
A study of angry, competitive and aggressive driving suggests that these dangerous behaviors are becoming a worldwide phenomenon of almost epidemic proportions, and are a reflection of a person’s surrounding culture, both on the road and on a broader social level.… Read full story.

OSU Alumni Association grants high honors to three

Apr 15, 2016
The OSU Alumni Association has selected two alumni, Jen-Hsun Huang and Pamela Knowles, and one great friend of the university, Allyn Ford, to be honored on April 22. … Read full story.

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