Dorthe Wildenschild

Dorthe Wildenschild
203A Merryfield Hall
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Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Professor, Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: 
Physics and chemistry of flow and transport in porous media, generally applied to the subsurface environment. Her main focus is detailed and highly controlled experiments (addressing flow, mass transfer, microbial behavior, heat transfer, and acoustic and electrical properties) that can help us evaluate new theory and numerical models. She believes that very accurate experiments are needed to test theory and models alike, - then uses numerical models to expand investigations beyond the potential constraints of experiments. Rrecent projects involve the use of x-ray microtomography and pore-scale modeling to evaluate pore-scale processes (interfacial characteristics, film formation, biofilm behavior) in porous media in the presence of multiple phases.

Biographical Info

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering Danish Technical University, 1996.

M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering Danish Technical University, 1991.