Goran N. Jovanovic

Goran N. Jovanovic
Gleeson Hall 307
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Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Research Interests: 
Research interests in microscale technologies started in the late eighties when his team developed a semiartificial pancreas, a technology based on the cell encapsulation technique. Currently his research is focused in two microscale technology areas: development of microscale chemical reactors and separators suitable for the development of microscale based chemical processes (NSF), and the development of microscale biosensors devices (DARPA). Dr. Jovanovic is, also, leading research projects in the development of “Zero gravity-compatible chemical processes for long space missions” (NASA) and “Environmental microreactors for in situ deployment” (INEEL).
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Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University, 1979