Bioremediation & Subsurface Processes

including CO2 sequestration, contaminant flow and transport in porous media, and degradation of toxic substances in soil and water.

Dolan, Nason, Radniecki, Semprini, Wildenschild, Wood


Bioprocess Engineering

including bioconversion of biomass materials and algae bioprocessing

Kelly, Rorrer


Biomaterials, Diagnostics, & Therapeutics

including biocompatible interfaces and hydrogels, and cryopreservation.

Baio, Fu, Herman, Higgins, McGuire, Rochefort, Schilke, Sweeney, Walker


Complex Fluids & Soft Solids

including polymers, rheology (bulk and interfacial), fluid mechanics (Newtonian and non-Newtonian), biofluids, biofilms, composites, gels, foams, and miscible interfaces

Rochefort, Semprini, Walker, Wildenschild, Wood


Engineering Education Research

with emphasis on industrial virtual laboratories, conceptual learning in engineering courses, engineering thinking and learning, and social inequality in engineering education and practice.

Bothwell, Koretsky, Montfort, Rochefort


Reaction & Separation Processes

with emphasis on catalytic materials and microchannel devices for improving the performance of chemical reactions and separations

Árnadóttir, AuYeung, Chang, Fu, Herman, Higgins, Jovanovic, Levien, Schilke, Wood, Yokochi


Sustainable Energy

including renewable fuels, solar energy, and electrochemical energy systems (batteries, fuel cells).

Árnadóttir, AuYeung, Chang, Herman, Radniecki, Rorrer, Yokochi


Thin Films, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, & Environmental Nanotoxicology

with emphasis on materials for electronic devices, solar photovoltaics, nanopatterning, and environmental implications of nanotechnology.

Chang, Harper, Herman, Nason, Radniecki, RorrerSemprini, Yokochi


Water Quality & Treatment

including particle removal from drinking water, anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment, hazardous waste treatment, stormwater characterization and treatment.

Dolan, Nason, Radniecki, Semprini