CBEE Faculty and Staff Handbook


Email To ensure your preferred e-mail address is included on OSU's Inform e-mail lists:
  • Go to the OSU Online Services login page
  • Login with your ONID Username and Password (or your OSU ID number and GAP)
  • Click on 'Personal Information'
  • Click on 'View E-mail Address(es)'
  • If you do not have a Preferred email address set, or you want to change your Preferred email address, click on 'Update E-mail Address(es)' and follow on-screen instructions

Finance: Funding, Purchasing, & Travel




Link to Travel Policies: https://fa.oregonstate.edu/travel-and-expense

Travel requires pre-approval through the Concur Travel & Expense site.

Login Link: https://login.oregonstate.edu/apps/concursolutions/

Concur Training Library

Conference Registration:

Conference registration can be prepaid using the departmental procurement card. See your School Accountant for instructions.

International travel on grant funding

This travel should be authorized through OSRAA (Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration). Submit a Foreign Travel Authorization form to your School Accountant, (Lea Clayton, Johnson 216L) prior to making travel plans.

Foreign Travel Authorization Form

Restrictions apply to airfare, check with department accountant, and see Fly America Act.


Airfare for university-related travel needs to be booked through the contracted travel agency for direct billing to the university.


See your School Accountant (Lea Clayton, Johnson 216L) to verify whether specific trips are allowable using mileage in lieu of airfare. A quote for the airfare that would be purchased for the business trip is required. OSU will reimburse mileage up to the amount of the airfare and associated expenses that would have been paid for air travel.

Vehicle rental:

Cars can be rented through the University Motor Pool or through the Concur system. Rental should be for economy or compact rate whenever possible.

Personal Vehicle:

Private vehicle mileage is reimbursed at the current published Business Affairs rate.


Itemized receipts are required for lodging.


Several options exist for purchasing supplies for OSU. Please contact the School Accountant to help you get started.


An on-line e-procurement system for OSU. Faculty and students with a graduate student appointment will be assigned a “Shopper” role to place orders.

Shoppers: By default, all OSU employees (with a few exceptions) will have access to shop in the BennyBuy marketplace for supplies and services. After creating a “shopping cart” with their selected goods and/or services, a Shopper assigns their cart to their department or Business Center “Requestor” (Lea Clayton) to place the order into workflow.

Instructions and login are here: https://pacs.oregonstate.edu/eProcurement


The PCard is a quick and convenient way for units to obtain many of the items needed for day-to-day operations. Faculty & students with a graduate appointment are eligible to get an OSU PCard issued in their name. Contact the School Accountant (Lea Clayton, Johnson 216L) to get instructions for requesting one.

The school accountant can also make purchases.

PCards may be used only to purchase goods and some services for the institution. Such purchases must comply with OSU policies governing purchasing and credit card usage. A $4,999 dollar limit per transaction exists.

Please see full PCard purchasing guidelines: https://fa.oregonstate.edu/business-affairs/payments/pcard/osu-purchasing-card/osu-purchasing-card-prohibited-uses


Below are OSU departments who provide supplies or services to other OSU departments and bill the receiving department.


Personal reimbursements are processed through the Concur Travel and expense site.

Login Link: https://login.oregonstate.edu/apps/concursolutions/

Concur Training Library

Use of a Departmental Procurement Card or Direct-Bill to OSU are the preferred methods for OSU business related purchases. If logistical reasons or extenuating circumstances occur that preclude the use of normal OSU purchasing processes or protocols, employees may (with approval from their manager) make small purchases (less than $100) with personal funds and then subsequently be reimbursed by OSU.

  • Only purchases related to OSU business purposes will be reimbursed.
  • Get itemized receipts and proof of payment; a personal credit card charge slip alone is NOT valid.
  • All reimbursements must be submitted for payment within 60 days of incurring the cost or within 60 days after the conclusion of the travel/field-work during which the expenditure was made.


  • NOT for purchase of gift certificates
  • NOT for test incentive payments
  • NOT for incentive payments to Institutional Review Board (IRB) human subjects
  • NOT for equipment rental

Purchases that have been made with personal funds will be reimbursed by OSU when the following documentation is provided:

  • Documentation showing purchase and payment by the employee.
  • Statement of University business purpose, including intended use.
  • General questions: Tina Mills, Assistant to School Head
  • Committee descriptions and service list: Committee service list


Facilities include Johnson Hall and Gleeson Hall. CBEE space also available in Owen Hall and Graf Hall.


Office Furnishings

Common Use Facilities

Contact Charlotte Williams if you have questions or need more information.

  • CBEE Seminar/Meeting Rooms: 
  • All classroom reservations

Laboratory Access

  • All users to CBEE lab spaces are subject to the CBEE Access Policy.  No access will be granted until the proper training is complete. 
  • Access requests must be initiated by a PI, who will need to complete this survey for individuals coming into their group and/or need access to shared facilities: CBEE Facilities Access Request.
    • User name, ID#, and status (ie UG, grad student, postdoc, external user, volunteer)
    • Brief description of project (1-2 sentences)
    • Projected project start / end dates
    • For Undergrads and Volunteers, identify who will provide oversight while the individual is in the lab
    • Building and list of doors requiring access
  • PI's are responsible for communicating research space safety protocols and adding user to appropriate Teams channel(s).
  • Users will be required to provide a copy of their OSU ID card and safety training certification(s) appropriate to the spaces they'll have access to.


Event Preparation


  • Faculty and staff: Key request forms submitted electronically by Charlotte Williams
  • Student key request approvals send to: Charlotte Williams
  • Once a key request is approved, obtain keys at University ID center located in the Memorial Union. Departments will continue to be responsible for the return of all keys and access cards from their exiting staff members.

Parking Permits

Recycling/Garbage Issues

Shipping and Receiving (Daily)

  • Express Delivery (FedEx, UPS): Charlotte WIlliams
  • Questions about small packages being sent or received, Charlotte Williams
    • Packages under 150 lbs:

      your name
      Oregon State University
      105 SW 26th Street
      116 Johnson Hall
      Corvallis OR 97331
    • Packages 150 lbs or more:
      Contact Fred Veitenheimer to let him know what is coming and anticipated delivery date

      your name
      School of CBEE
      Oregon State University
      601 SW 17th St
      Corvallis OR 97333

Mail, US and Express

  • Campus/U.S Mail is picked up and delivered at CBEE Admin, 116 Johnson Hall
  • Outgoing U.S. Mail may be left at CBEE Admin for pick-up (separate outgoing mail into stamped personal mail, work mail to be stamped, and Express Mail with completed labels and Campus Mail forms including Index to charge)

Shipping Overseas; Cruise or Expedition Shipping

  • Contact: Lea Clayton and cc Office Manager - Jennifer Moore and Office Coordinator Charlotte Williams

Safety Issues

  • Office Manager: Jennifer Moore, 541-737-6149
  • Hazardous materials: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S), 541-713 SAFE

Space Related and Storage Issues - REVIEW

Transfer and Surplus Equipment

  • Jennifer Moore, Office Manager
  • Surplus instructions (updated information coming soon)


Instructor Compensation Policy - File on Box (login required)

Course Support

Course Assistance

  • Course Proposal Worksheet - Request Form
    • Undergraduate - Submit to undergraduate curriculum committee chair.
    • Graduate - Submit to appropriate program graduate curriculum committee chair.
  • CBEE Curriculum New/Revised Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) Policy (eff. F19)


Assessment and Accreditation

  • CBEE Assessment and Accreditation Handbook
  • Course Summaries, Required for all undergraduate mapped courses and graduate core courses - Online Instructions


Peer review

Prior to inviting a visitor, CBEE faculty must have approval. Please submit the following to Jennifer Moore, Office Manager:

  1. Submit CBEE Visitor Request form
  2. Letter of justification
  3. A copy of the candidate’s current resume or vita.

Upon Head approval, CBEE Admin will:

  1. Route all paperwork to appropriate personnel as necessary (Facilities, Research Computing, HR)
  2. Ask the candidate to sign appointment letter.
  3. Ask the candidate to complete the Personal Demographic Information-Courtesy/Affiliate Faculty Status form

A J-1 visa will be required if visitor is international and will be here for an extended period of time. See J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

Short term international visitors may require a B-1 visa. See B-1 Business Visa

Visa questions can be directed to Jennifer Moore, Office Manager.

Visitors may also need to be appointed as Courtesy or Affiliate to have access to campus services.

Courtesy faculty: Courtesy faculty status is typically used for collaborations that are expected to be for a period greater than one year. However, a visitor may be named a courtesy faculty member for a period of less than one year to ensure the access to the following privileges.
Privileges: ONID; University ID card and associated privileges, such as joining recreational facilities, purchasing parking permits and using library services; inter-library loans; PI on grants, Graduate Faculty Status (separate nomination required)

OSU Courtesy Faculty and Affiliate Faculty Policy

Human Resources



Recruitment requests should be submitted to Jennifer Moore.

Current CBEE Openings: Join our Team!

Questions can be directed to: Jennifer Moore, Office Manager.

Recruitment Request Forms


Exiting Faculty



Annual and Periodic Evaluations -
Promotion and Tenure, Peer Review of Teaching (P&T)

Committee Chair: Lew Semprini
Staff contact: Tina Mills


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