Doing undergraduate research is a great way to start building your resume early in your time at OSU. Having research experience can also help you be more qualified for highly competitive industry internships, and it is also great preparation for students interested in graduate school. Getting involved in undergraduate research is often an informal process, so be sure to check out some of our resources to help clarify the process!

Research Internships and Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

Doing research at OSU or at another institution is a great first step towards gaining practical experience for your career. If you are interested in a summer internship, check out the information about REU programs. REU programs take place at universities across the country and many require no previous experience!

Research at OSU

Undergraduate research is generally arranged through direct contact with faculty related to your field of study. For current students, please visit the CBEE Canvas site for more information, including a step-by-step guide for getting involved in undergraduate research, including links to departmental research pages at OSU.

In addition to research arranged directly with faculty, there are programs at OSU that either help connect students with research opportunities or help fund students currently performing research in an OSU laboratory.

URSA Engage

URSA Engage is an OSU program that is designed to establish mentoring relationships between faculty and undergraduate students early in their academic programs at OSU. 

Pete and Rosalie Johnson Internship Program

The Pete and Rosalie Johnson Undergraduate Internship Program  provides research opportunities in the summer following the completion of the first academic year. The Johnson Internship is available to any CBEE student who has successfully completed a first-year engineering intro course (such as CBEE 101) and CBEE 102. Applications are due in mid-March each year.