Most of the forms you will have to fill out within your time in CBEE are turned in to the Graduate School.  Any form that requires the School Head's signature, please drop it off in the main office with the School Manager and the signature will be obtained and the form forwarded on to the Graduate School for you.  The helpful links below will take you to the site where you can find both a PDF and .doc version of the most popular forms.

Program of StudyThis form is due before completion of 18 credits.  Requires a meeting with your advisor.
Program MeetingDoctoral Students need to print the Doctoral Program Meeting Checklist and take it to their program meeting.
Transfer CreditsStudents may be able to transfer selected graduate credits from a previously attended institution if all university guidelines on transfer credits are met.
Exam SchedulingComplete an Exam Scheduling Form to schedule all exams required by the Graduate School. See Procedures for Examinations and Formal Meetings to determine which meetings require this form.
Change of Degree RequestMust be filled out if you are changing degree or degree program.
Graduate Student HandbookAll the general information you need on being a CBEE graduate student including amenities, faculty bios, paths to completion and curriculum guides.