Teaching Workshop:

The Virtual Chemical Vapor
(CVD) Laboratory

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

October 10, 2008

The Virtual CVD laboratory allows your students to practice skills they would use in the microelectronics industry, in much the same way a flight simulator is used for training pilots. The laboratory is housed within a three-dimensional (3D) graphical user interface where students become familiar with the appearance of a cleanroom in a comfortable environment, similar to popular video games they play. CVD reactor runs and wafer measurements have costs associated with them so there is a realistic economic constraint.
VCD Collage

Come to the Virtual CVD Workshop and:

  • Learn How to Enhance Student Understanding in Experimental Design in an Authentic, Real-World Context
  • Curriculum developed for high school science and engineering classes will be presented.
  • Address:
    • Increased graduation requirements for high school science (from 2 to 3 courses per year and include laboratory experiences for scientific inquiry).
    • The Oregon Essential Skills that include the ability to apply mathematics in a variety of settings, think critically and analytically across disciplines, and use technology to live, learn and work.
    • The Oregon Science Standards will explicitly address students’ knowledge of and ability to engage in engineering design.

From Workshop Summer 2008

Photos: Dave Hata

Receive up to $250 in stipend




What they have said:

"After a long drive home, I just wanted to tell you again how much I loved the VCVD workshop. It was just about all I could think of. I was intellectually engaged throughout, fascinated, and inspired. Rest assured, that WILL translate into my developing a unit within my courses this year to implement the VCVD lab with students."
Ken Dickey, Science Teacher, Nyssa HS

"I think the Virtual CVD, more than anything else, is what I remember from high school last year"
Van Fudge, student, Crescent Valley HS

Project Leader: Milo Koretsky (koretsm@engr.orst.edu)
High School Coordinator: Adam Kirsch (Adam.Kirsch@Corvallis.K12.OR.US)
Community College Coordinator: Dave Hata (dhata@pcc.edu)
Project Evaluator: Edith Gummer (gummere@nwrel.org)