Shujie Li
Ph.D. Student - ChemE

Choi, C., Gorecki, J., Fang, Z., Allen, M., Li, S., Lin, L., Cheng, C. and Chang, C. (2016). Low-temperature, inkjet printed p-type copper(i) iodide thin film transistors. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(43), pp.10309-10314.

Research Interests: 

Solution-processed fabrication of metal oxide and metal halide thin film transistor. Synthesis of the perovskite solar cells by inkjet printing technology.


PhD student in the Chemical Engineering program at Oregon State University and 2018-2019 GSA Seminar Chair in the department of CBEE. He worked as assistant engineer intern at SHANGHAI WENLONG CHEMICAL FIBER CO., LTD helping with raw material(PET) replacement and equipment trouble shooting. He also has one year experience as sale marketing and design for plastic bag from China to different country

B.S. Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu University, China, 2012
Major Professor: 
Dr. Chih-hung (Alex) Chang
Personal Interests: 
Basketball and swimming. Interested in comsol and matlab.
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