Seniors in chemical, biological, and environmental engineering at Oregon State University can culminate their experience with a senior project. Tabulated below are this year's projects with links to the teams' most recent presentation along with projects from previous years. Projects are formulated in the fall, assigned in late January, and begin in mid-February. They culminate in the OSU Engineering Expo and final presentations in mid-June. This program is administered by the Linus Pauling Engineer.

By year: 20072006200520042003, [2008 through 2019]

Linus Pauling Engineer: Dr. David Hackleman


Team algaeoil: Growth of Algae for Biodiesel Production

Team Process Emulator: Reincarnation of a Process Emulation Test lab device from an 80's version.

Team arsenicout: Abating Arsenic in Drinking Water Using Alumina Sorbents

Team mint: Microwave mint oil extraction process.

Team bioetch: Plasma Etching of Bacterial Films

Team Polymer: Development of a biodegradeable polymer from waste glycerin from biodiesel manufacture.

Team biofuelit: Construction of a Scale model operating Biodiesel Production Plant

Team Polysolve: Identification and demonstration of a replacement solvent for poly gas pipe in-situ welding

Team Biodiesel Fiji: Developing a Biodiesel Manufacturing Process Suitable for use in Fiji.

Team uR (Microreactor): Manufacture of a micro reactor through Ink-Jet and UV Curable Polymer.

Team Nanocompsits: Development of Magnetic Nanocomposits.

Team VacDistill: Development of a vacuum distillation system for biofuel manufacture purification.

Team BioDiesel Base: Investigating local waste bases for use as the catalyst for Biodiesel manufacture.



Team algaeoil: Growth of Alge for Biodiesel Production

Team hercolube: Reducing Contamination of Hercolube

Team arsenicout: Abating Arsenic in Drinking Water Using Alumina Sorbents

Team mint: Energy Analysis of Mint Oil Distillation Process

Team bioetch: Plasma Etcing of Bacterial Films

Team nisintie: Preparing Antibacterial Coatings by Attaching Nisin to Surfaces

Team biofuelit: Design of a Pilot Scale Biodiesel Production Plant

Team oxymod: Finite Element Modeling of Wet Oxidation of Silicon

Team citrateit: Preparing Biocompatible Coatings Using Surface Tethered Citrate

Team pamam: Production of Modified Dendrimers for Drug Delivery

Team cnanotube: Assembly and Characterization of a Carbon Nanotube Preparation Reactor

Team solarspin: Preparing Photovoltaic Stacks by Spin Coating With Nanostructured Precursors

Team gofuelcell: Characterization of Power Density of Fuel Cell Stacks Supplied With Bacterial Hydrogen




Biodiesel Manufacturing and Testing

Micro Membrane Phosphate Filter

Polymers from Glycerol Waste

Liq-Liq Extraction purification of Biofuel

Biodiesel Microreactor

Femlab Spin Coat process Modeling

Landfills and Fuel Cells

PECVD Diamond Film Generation

Temperature effect on CVD Si3N4 growth

LPCVD Nanotube Generation

Rate Constant study on CVD Si3N4 growth

Photocatalysis decomposition of organics

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

Team 14



1Investigation into the manufacture of BioDiesel through the use of supercritical fluid conditions.

The objective is to develop a process that will dramatically reduce the time for the biodiesel chemical reaction and simplify the separation. The mid-term presentaiton is here, and the final here.


2Exploring Fuel Cell utilization to generate electricity from collected landfill gas.

A local land fill (Coffin Butte) is considering adding electro-generation capacity and would like to use a fuel cell. The gas composition from the landfill contains materials that would poison the membranes. The mid-term presentation is here and the final here.


3. Chemical Mechanical Polishing study

A research group wishes to utilize CMP and needs to install and characterize a system recently acquired. The mid-term presentation is here. The final is missing.

4A Polymeric Optical Waveguide for Integrated Circuit Technology

Optically transparent transistors are in development at OSU. These devices could utilize polymeric waveguides, if they can be created by gradient index of refraction polymers coated on the material. The mid-term presentation is missing, the final here.


5. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Nitride and Cleaning processes .

The cleaning process is known to dramatically affect the deposition rate. This experiment is to learn some of the parameters that control deposition. The mid term presentation is here, the final here.


6Use of Recycled Polymers for Impact Absorbing devices

Auto bumpers, personal protection devices, and projectile deflectors currently use very expensive engineered materials. Some of these applications might be suitable for recycled polymers instead. The mid term presentation is missing, the final here.


7Analysis of Soy Sauce Fermentation

Soy sauce requires a very long fermentation cycle there may be opportunity for process acceleration, but does the Sauce retain its characteristic taste and other qualities? The mid term presentation is here, the final here.


8. Plasma etching polymers for superhydrophobic surface generation

Can one manufacture a superhydrophobic surface in a polymer through the use of plasma etching? If so, it might be useful in biomaterials applications. The mid term presentation is here, the final here.