Brian D. Wood
Professor, Environmental Engineering
316F Johnson Hall
105 SW 26th St., Suite 316
Corvallis, OR 97331
Research Interests: 

Brian Wood specializes in transport phenomena at multiple scales. Upscaling using volume averaging or similar methods is a critical part of the research. His research integrates theory, numerical simulation, and experimental data. Systems that include a biological component has been a particular focus, and recent work has involved the multiscale modeling of tissues, including vascular tumors.

Professor Wood has a particular interest in connections between thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. He is actively involved in research to better understand how entropy, information, and complexity connect in physical systems.

Additional information about Professor Wood's research can be found at: 




Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering — University of California at Davis, 1999

M.S. Environmental Engineering — Washington State University, 1990

B.S. Civil Engineering — Washington State University, 1988

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