Kelley Engineering Center, 2019
Corvallis, OR 97331
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Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Professor (Senior Research)
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Chris Daly has pioneered and advanced an emerging discipline of geospatial climatology, the study of the spatial and temporal patterns of climate and their relationships with features on the earth’s surface. Daly developed PRISM, a novel computational approach to the mapping of climate. He founded and directs Oregon State University’s PRISM Climate Group, a recognized world leader in spatial climate analysis, and is also Chief Scientist at the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering. His group creates the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, 30-year climate average, and time series data sets of precipitation, temperature, and humidity extending back to 1895.


Founding director of Oregon State University’s PRISM Climate Group

Oregon State University Ph.D. (General Science) l994

University of Colorado M.A. (Forest Geography) l984

University of California at Davis B.S. (Atmospheric Sciences) l978

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