Elain Fu
Associate Professor, Bioengineering
316D Johnson Hall
105 SW 26th St., Suite 316
Corvallis, OR 97331

The goal of the Fu Lab is to advance the engineering of novel microfluidic tools and devices for field use through improving our understanding of the devices' underlying physicochemical processes. Research in the lab consists of three areas of focus: the investigation of molecular interactions and fluid transport in microfluidic systems, the development of tools and methods for use in high-performance microfluidic assays, and the implementation of microfluidic assays for clinically relevant analytes. Global health application domains of interest include human disease diagnosis, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring, and agriculture. In addition, a related area of interest is undergraduate curriculum development using paper microfluidics. Most recently, the lab's research focus has been on the development of high performance “paper” networks. The lab is developing tools to manipulate multiple fluid volumes within porous materials and is using these tools to perform automated multi-step sample processing that is characteristic of "gold-standard" lab-based assays. Implementation into simple to use and inexpensive to fabricate disposable devices will enable high performance testing in even the lowest-resource settings. Previous collaborative work includes the development of diagnostic devices for malaria and influenza, and a therapy monitoring device for phenylketonuria. 

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