Gregory S. Herman
Professor and Head
James and Shirley Kuse Chair in Chemical Engineering
216G Johnson Hall
105 SW 26th St.
Corvallis, OR 97331
Research Interests: 

Dr. Herman's research expertise and interests include: detailed mechanistic characterization of heterogeneous catalysts using surface science techniques; advance fabrication methods and designs for solid oxide fuel cells; development of green manufacturing processes for displays and solar cells; development and characterization of novel optical and electrical materials; and advancement of flexible electronic manufacturing methods and applications. Currently his research focuses on the development of sustainable technologies for the production of materials, energy, and water resources using catalytic processes. Prior to joining OSU he held research staff and postdoctoral positions at Sharp Laboratories of America, Hewlett-Packard Corp., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the Naval Research Laboratory.


Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Hawaii-Manoa, 1992

B.S. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1985

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