Jeffrey A. Nason
Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering
Associate Head for Graduate Programs
316E Johnson Hall
105 SW 26th St., Suite 316
Corvallis, OR 97331
Research Interests: 

Dr. Nason's research interests focus on physical and chemical processes for water treatment; aquatic chemistry; fate and transport of engineered nanoparticles. Recent investigations include studying the aggregation behavior of gold nanoparticles in aquatic matrices, development of traceable metal oxide nanoparticles, determining copper speciation in stormwater, wastewater, and surface water, and testing sustainable adsorbents like fish bone, compost and biochar for the removal of metals from stormwater.


Ph.D. Civil Engineering - University of Texas, 2006

M.S. Environmental Engineering - Cornell University, 2002

B.S. Chemical Engineering - Cornell University, 1997

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