Mohammad F. Azizian
105 SW 26th St., Suite 216
Corvallis, OR 97331
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Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Faculty Research Associate
Expertise and Interests: 

Dr. Azizian’s research interests include the environmental engineering chemistry with research expertise in the areas of physical-chemical and biological treatment processes as they related to contaminated soils and ground waters. He has been involved in a number of in-situ aquifer characterization technologies focuses on the single-well push-pull method, which consists of the controlled injection of a prepared test solution into a single well followed by the extraction of the test solution/groundwater mixture from the same well. Development of slow-release compounds for the aerobic cometabolic treatment of complex mixtures of COCs released from low permeability zones. He is expertise in installation, operation, and trouble-shooting of sophisticated analytical equipments including GC-MS, LC-MS, GCs, ICP, HPLC, LSC.


Ph.D. Environmental Engineering - Oregon State University, 1993

M.S. Organic Chemistry  - University of Tehran, 1983

B.S. Chemistry - University of Tehran, 1978

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