Xue Jin
Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering
316K Johnson Hall
Research Interests: 

Dr. Jin's research is in the general area of the water-energy nexus. Specifically her research interests focus on:

  1. Developing novel membrane processes and anti-fouling membrane materials for sustainable water supply (e.g., surface water filtration, brackish/seawater desalination)
  2. Novel application of nanomaterials for advanced water treatment (e.g., disinfection, biofilm control)
  3. Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and beneficial reuse
  4. Clean technology and renewable energy (e.g., algae-based bioenergy, osmotic power, biogas)
  5. Colloidal and interfacial processes in aquatic systems


Manager, Department of Water Innovation, Sembcorp Industries Ltd, (2018-2018)

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow (2012-2017)

Research Fellow, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Singapore Membrane Technology Center, Nanyang Technological University (2010-2012)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles (2006-2009)

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore (2002-2007)

B.S., Environmental Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University (1998-2002)

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