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Super-absorbent Polymers in Baby Diapers

Melissa Finch and Anne Shaffer

With help from Amy and Dr. Skip Rochefort

The problem statement is to design and perform a laboratory experiment to determine the properties of super absorbent polymers (SAPs) in baby diapers.

The experimental method contained 2 tests. The first test was to extract SAPs from six baby diaper brands plus two industrial brands and saturate approximately 0.05g of each sample, record and chart amount of water each sample will absorb, and finally determine texture of different commercial samples and compare with industrial brands. For the second test they had to create gel beads using Keltone mixture and CaCl2 varying time beads are in CaCl2, dehydrate bead in vacuum oven at 60 degrees Celsius, and dehydrate beads using DI water.


Charts comparing differant brands of diapers.

Charts of gel beads comparing concentration of beads and time in CaC12

Selection of best baby diaper (in terms of SAPs)