Seniors in chemical, biological, and environmental engineering at Oregon State University can culminate their experience with a senior project. Tabulated below are this year's projects with links to the teams' most recent presentations, along with projects from previous years. Projects are formulated in the fall, assigned in late January, and begin in mid-February. They culminate in the OSU Engineering Expo and final presentations in mid-June. This program is administered by the Linus Pauling Engineer.

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Linus Pauling Engineer: Dr. Philip Harding 


(* denotes team lead)
Cost-Effective Atomic Layer Deposition SystemFeng Trevor Folska-Fung, Brendan Marvin, Carson Silsby, and Andrew Williams
Oak Creek Water Quality AssessmentHardingEckert (Corvallis Sustainability CoalitionAnthony Pyka, Blake Bronson, Kyle Chin
Solid Rocket Fuel Design, Production, and TestingSquires (MIME)Amreen Hussaini, Chris Jensen, Sergio Sanchez, and Jackson Schleicher
Improving Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates with Plating and Polymer CoatingHardingBrooks (eChemion)Sophia Kea, Eric Kwon, Nhu Nguyen
Sewage Sludge Conversion to Renewable FuelHardingVince Cataldi, Joseph Sindlinger, Ethan Zimmerman


(* denotes team lead)
Design and Assembly of Pilot-Scale Membrane FiltrationCarlisle Cyrus Flynn, Jared Maraist*
Extraction of Fragrances and Generation of Personal Care Products Using the EssenEx™-100AHackleman(OilExTech)Kaylee Eyerly, Elissa Kilmer*, Risha Prasad
Paint Additive Development of VOC ReductionHardingBill Byers (Diatomix)Ayman Alabdullatif, Tyler Colbert, Mark Li*
Applications of Microfluidics in Sample Prep for Healthcare DiagnosticsHardingHilary Ely (HP Inc.)Christina Alexandra, Kevin Kurniawan, Tucker Stuart*
Microscale Reactor for Production of Hydrotreated Vegetable OilHardingDaniel Shafer (Nikua)Belaal Al-Aghbari*, Christian Nevo, Cang Nguyen
Integrated, Miniaturized and Low Cost Silicon-Based Microfluidics for Point-of-Care DiagnosticsHardingManish Giri (Funai Corp.)Patricia Brashear, Asha Godbole*, Kenzaburo Sugimoto
3D Printing: Solvent Transport in a Powder BedHardingJason Hower (HP Inc.)Benjamin Bloom, Tanner Moretty*, Ember Robinson
Optimizing Premature Infant Glucose Balance via Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Data-Controlled Glucose InfusionHiggins Amanda Duong*, Gabe Johnson, Seongcheol Kim
Real-Time Data Collection and Processing in Small-Scale Ethanol Distilling OperationsPaul Hughes (Food Sci and Tech) Alan Haynes, Tim Painter*, Randy Tran
Blood Processing for Iron Chelation Using MicroreactorsKelly Demitri Hovekamp*, Ji Yun Hwang, Kevin Luc
3D Printing of Composites with Varying Mechanical Properties – Interfacial AdhesionRochefort Bryce Beattie, Kendra Connell, Kaylee Duchateau*
Hybrid Rocket Fuel Development and TestingSquires (MIME) Auston Clemens*, Dylan Haugen, Michaela Patching


(* denotes team lead)
Solar Thermochemical Energy StorageAuYeung Benjamin Appleby, Kyle Harris*, Monica Heng
Growth of Metal Organic Framework Thin Films Using Automatic Layer-by-LayerChang Anthony Beovich, Brenton Groves*, Trey Smith
Solvent-Free Microwave Extraction of Hop OilHackleman(OilExTech)Eunbyeol Ko*, Ryan Price, Hailey Reed
Introduction of Liquid-Liquid Extraction to CHE 415 LabHarding Doanh Nguyen*, Dominic Smiddy, Kimberly Traeger
Comparative Analysis of Stormwater Pollutant Loads Mitigated by Contech Stormwater Filters on OSU CampusHardingDavid Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition)Sam Albert, Maceo Gutierrez-Higgins, Jessalyn Imdieke*
Tablet-Based Molecular Diagnostics Proof of Concept Toward Infectious Disease DetectionHardingChantelle Domingue, Hilary Ely, and Tod Woodford (HP)Alex Bump, Jacob Martini, Sidney Quinton-Cox, Kristen Ratcliffe*
Low-Cost Microfluidic Devices for Cancer DiagnosisHardingManish Giri (Funai Corp.)Hwangsin Cho, Stefanyda Maslova*, Destiny Moore, Derek Wong
Overprint Varnish in High-Speed PrintingHardingJim Kearns (HP)Ben Gallegos*, Perrin Mao, Conner Westcott
Prototype Development of a Solar-Heated Heat Sink for Low Energy Cost DistillationHughes (Food Sci and Tech) Adam Leibert, Matt Pesicka*, Jamie Skeie, Thomas Viggiano
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) TreatmentRadniecki Ali Al Matani, Joseph Ambros, Andrea Horn*
3D PrintingRochefort Waleed Al Zakwani, Justin Gauvin*, Ellis Hammond-Pereira
Hybrid Rocket Fuel Development and TestingSquires (MIME) Talal Al Shamrani, Erik Artman, Alison Flynn*, Leif Vong


(* denotes team lead)
Development of a DME Fuel Cell Catalyst Testing ApparatusArnadottir Ali Alnaser, Dennis Eash, Merissa Schneider-Coppolino*
Improved Distillation Column Unit Operations LabHarding Mohammed Al Yaarubi, Matthew Bates*, Taylor Petersen
Health and Environmental Impacts of Stormwater Drainage from Synthetic Turf Athletic FieldsHardingDavid Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition)Sarah Frey, Jennifer Green, Caitlin Inman*
Biochar for Industrial Stormwater Media 2.0 HardingJohn Miedema (BioChar)Jon Laurance*, Isabella Lewis, Danielle Whitehurst
Design for Production of Oxalic Acid from Sugary WastesHardingKeith Bowers (Multi-Form HarvestAditya Chetty, Kacey Schaefer*
A Mobile, Point-of-Care Disease Detection Immunoassay – Proof of Concept StudyHardingManish Giri (HP)Nolan Cannady, Evan Pettit*
Tablet Driven Microfluidic Platform for Cell CountingHardingMinish Giri (HP)Mohamed Al Naamani, Zach Evans, Cassidy Howard*, Casey Hurley, Omar Rahal-Arabi
Wastewater Collection System Flow DataHardingChad Wolfe (City of Corvallis)Sam Fusick, Matthew Palmer*, Aasya Abdennour
Non-Intrusive Passive Subslab Sampling Approach for Vapor Intrusion AssessmentsHardingMichael Niemet (CH2M)Amro Al-Habsi*, John "Collin" Hall, Jacob Lum
Aprovecho Non-Electric Mobile Food DryerHardingSam Bentson (Aprovecho Research Center)Jason Allenby*, Laili Cervantes, Mitch Ridge
Dissolution Kinetics of Inorganic PhotoresistsHerman & Post-Doc Sumit Saha Sung Ju Lee, Cameron McGrath*, Peter Thompson
Investigating Mass Transfer During Loading of Cryoprotectants into TissuesHiggins Bronson Ayala, Kristine Nguyen, Miranda Raper*
Forced Steam Heating for Brandy StillPaul Hughes (Food Sci and Tech) Kamin Beyer, Owen Madin*, John Monroe
PLA Recycling for 3D PrintingRochefortPotentially NASAJohnathan Hesseltine, Colin Marshall, Wyatt Self*
Hydroxyethylmethacrylate Microsphere Synthesis for Bionanoparticle EncapsulationSchilkeTracy Thompson (Costanoan)Kevin Camp, Monica Figueroa*, Zhichun Zheng
Characterization of Biodegradable Polymer BlendsSimonsen (Wood Sci. & Eng.)Chris Vitello (EcNow Tech)Tristan Knopf, Nate McArthur, Noah Pearson*, Le Zhou
Hybrid Rocket Fuel Development and Testing Squires (MIME) Elizabeth Allan-Cole, Cindy Truong*, Madeline Wilson, J. "Alfredo" Vasquez


(* denotes team lead)
Stable Freeze Dried Enzyme-Loaded Porous Structures for Point of Care DiagnosticsHiggins and Fu Joseph Long, Emily Oldenkamp*, Devin Seitz
Capture and Lysis of Dye-Loaded Endotoxin Vesicles or Bacterial Cells by the Immobilized Peptides WLBU2 or Polymyxin BSchilke Caleb De Wilde, Colleen Johnson, Gershon Starr*
Compostable Polymer Mixing StudySimonsen (Wood Sci. & Eng.)Chris Vitello (EcNow Tech)Sultan Al Busaidi, Danielle Boyd*, Vanessa Kung, Elisabeth Sherry
Microfluidic Chip for Point-of-Care DiagnosticsHardingManish Giri (HP)Heli Li, Florin Plesa, Sarah Seals*, Rachel White
The Environmental Fate of Nano-Pesticides and Their Subsequent Toxicity in Aquatic EnvironmentsHarper Hannah Bulovsky, Zachary Wahl*
Design for Production of Oxalic Acid from Sugary WastesHardingKeith Bowers (Multi-Form HarvestBrenna Baker*, Kaitlynn Bjornson, Jennifer Lux, Tony Vickery
Non-Intrusive Passive Subslab Sampling Approach for Vapor Intrusion AssessmentsHardingMichael Niemet (CH2M Hill)Jacob Donnally, Katie Sturdevant*, Blake Wimer
Coalescence Unit Operation Development for Microwave Mint ExtractionHackleman(Mint Industry Research Council)Makayla Koeltzow, Victor Tan, Christine Turner*
Fabrication of an Audio Speaker Using Nanocellulose-Reinforced PVDFSimonsen (Wood Sci. & Eng.) Hussain Al Zayer*, Alex Van, Gregory Wu
Optimization of Return Activated Sludge Pumping Rate and Draft Tube ConfigurationHardingStan Miller (City of Corvallis)Jon Curry, Shumin Lu, Stephanie Rich*
Stormwater Quality Analysis on the OSU CampusHardingDavid Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition)Harrison Holzgang, Michael Kelly*, Tracie Tran
Reduction of CO2 via Corona Discharge on Two-Phase Flow in a MicroreactorJovanovic, Yu Miao Sean Davis, Xing Jin, Camille Violet*
Improved Essential Oil Extraction via Alternative SolventsHacklemanBill Dean (OilExTech)Regan Cronin*, McKenzie Kimball, Raphael Rodriguez*, Gabrielle Westerfield
Fabrication of Prototype Separations Equipment Using 3D PrintingYokochi Abdul Aldossary, Amanda Lachner*, Scott Tan
Bioconjugation of Enzymes to Electrode Surfaces for Micro-BiosensorsKoley (Chemistry) Nick Agalzoff, Mark Arsenault, Amy Jahr*
Artificial Tendon Network Implants for Tendon-Transfer SurgeriesBalasubramainian (MIME) Ashley Ansolabehere, Ivan Dylhoff, John Varin*
Membrane Reactor to Microbially Convert Methane to MethanolSemprini Patrick Burns*, Miki Mizuno, Tyler Steele
Scaled-up Essential Oil ExtractionHackleman Rebecca Foster, Nicole Johnson, Emily Skrobecki*


(* denotes team lead)
Nanoemulsion PesticidesHarper Kayla Guldager*, Makayla Gessford, Dmitry Kaminsky, Josh Smith
Media Drying on a High-Speed Web PressHardingJim Kearns (Hewlett-Packard Co.)Pedro Alzaga-Elizondo*, Ben Byers, Justin Hill
Remediation of the Former Blue Heron Paper Company Aerated Stabilization BasinHardingConnor Smith (West Linn Paper Company)Nick Kusanto*, Brent Deyo, Midori Mizuno
Microfluidics-Based Detection of Particle PropertiesHardingManish Giri (HP)Colin Dickens*, Kyle Brewer, Hilary Ely
Bioplastics Product DevelopmentHardingChris Vitello (EcNow Tech)Nathan Hinkle*, Erik Bateham, Galen Peterson, Jon Yip
Enhanced Particle Removal of Algae-Laden Surfaces Using Viscoelastic FluidsWalker Seth Gwin*, Eric Eichenbaum, Solomon Levinrad
Microbiological Conversion of Methane to Methanol (a biofuel) using a Plug-Flow Micro-ReactorSemprini Mia Mihailovic*, Tommy Hollenberg, Shanti Johnson
Organic Chemical Synthesis Using Integrated Microreactor and Microchannel Heat ExchangerHardingTodd Miller (MicroflowCVO)Davis Weymann*, Alec Bowen, Tyler Weber
Highly Conductive and Functional Electrode CoatingsJovanovic / Loeb Ryan Koffel*, Colin Blake, Alyson Lovett
Correlating Pulp Quality Metrics to Paper Machine PerformanceHardingCasey Kramer (GP-Toledo)Steph Walker*, Mary Isham, Hui Yan
Essential Oil Extractor DesignHacklemanBill Dean (OilExTech)Kelly Gutierrez*, Sandy Cervantes, Daniel Runyon
Rainwater Catchment SystemYokochi Paige Molzahn*, Jared Cordes, Kiet Phung
Segmented Radius Solar CollectorHardingKirman Kasmeyer (Freedom Energy)Levi Meline*, Grant Sturman, Drew Wheeler
Production of a Novel Xylose Isomerase Enzyme in Fed-Batch FermentationLajoieSteve Potochnik (Trillium FiberFuels)Preston Pallante*, Malak Abugrain, Sam Mihelic
Electrochemical Microsensors for High-Resolution Chemical Imaging of BiofilmsKoley (Chemistry) Corey Downs*, Rachel Chan, Dustin Harris
Syrup Inventory Management Strategy in Food Product ProductionHardingDennis Bell (Meduri Farms)Audrey Oldenkamp*, Kevin Chen, Daryoosh Entrikin
Oregon State University Stormwater System EvaluationHardingDave Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition)Lauren Kelly*, Andrew Duff, Leif Odegard


(* denotes team lead)
Solar Coffee MakerHackleman Sam Callen, Jared Fitzpatrick, Yuta Sugimota, Alex Yunker
Solar Thermal Ice Production SystemYokochi Adam Gage, Logan Olsen, Peter Shoaf, Jerome Webster
Development of Nano-Lithographic Inorganic ResistsHerman & Rose RutherNSF Center for Sustainable Materials ChemistryKirsten Drager, Colin Meyers, Josh Motley
Microfluidics-Based Detection of Fluid PropertiesHardingManish Giri (HP)Jack Gilchrist, Miri Goldade-Holbrook, Hien Nguyen, Mitchell Truong
Plant Effluent Metering and PumpingHardingKirby Callis (City of Corvallis)Brandon Hildebrand, Alex Lytton, James Teeter
Characterization of Permiselective Membranes for Glucose SensingHerman & Chris DurganBob Cargill (Pacific Diabetes)Jonah Flick, Jacob Johnson, Geoffrey Zath
Sea Salt Production with Potable Water ByproductHardingBob Neroni (Cannon Beach Sea Salt Co.)Austin Danielson, Cameron Oden, Paul Robideau
Interactive Virtual LaboratoriesKoretsky Matt Kirsch, Cole Morgan, Daniel Reid (4 wks only)
Essential Oil ExtractionHackleman G.J. Mallari, Cathy Phillips, Tim Schulze
Characterization of Biochars and Process Development for Stormwater RemediationNasonJohn Miedema (BioLogical Carbon, LLC)Robert Hannah, Tyler Kimmel, Sunny Ovesen, Greg Stearns
Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIIIMcGuire Jakson Clark, Jade Montgomery, Ryan Squires
Compostable Polymer Mixing StudyHardingPaul Nash, Chris Vitello (EcNow Tech)Garrett Cogburn, Brynn Livesay, Brianna Nagel
Flat Books on a High-Speed Inkjet PressHardingJim Kearns (HP)Josh Breen, Benjamin Madrigal, Thomas Stumpfig
Rainwater Sterilization SystemYokochi Anthony Amsberry, Will Steinhauff, Clayton Tyler
Synthesis of Cu Nanoparticles Using MicroreactorsHardingSteve Leith, Todd Miller (Microflow CVO)Gaith Bedaywi, Kenneth Huang, Andrew Jeske
Recombinant MnP Production and RecoveryLajoieTrillium FiberFuelChris Child, James Patterson, Regina Pimentel
Water Treatment Using Nano-Coated Water Purification DevicesKellyPuralyticsLuke Cach, Cameron Glasscock, Margaret Schneider, Anthony Tahayeri


(* denotes team lead)
TaN Reactive Sputtering Process for Electrode ApplicationsConley (EECS) Melanie Bishop, Nathan Meininger, Morgan von Poppenheim
Supercritical Biodiesel Production from AlgaeHackleman Dan Golden, James Gunadi, Nathan Rooney
Solar Powered Steam GeneratorHackleman Nick Sitts, Max Gorman, Joe Squire
Compostible Polymer Mixing StudyHardingPaul Nash (EcNow Tech)Chad Thomsen, Sean Crawford, Meaghan Jones
Gray Water to ToiletHardingDave Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition)Brittany Park, John Isaacs, Dennis Petersen
Aerosol Management in a High-Speed Inkjet PressHardingJim Kearns (HP)Evan Slodysko, Zach Jordan, Ezra-Mel Pasikatan
Paper Microfluidics based Disease DiagnosticsHardingManish Giri (HP)Meghan Keck, Bill Bedell, Travis Heinze, Spencer Saunders
Removal of Calcium Oxalate Precipitate from Landfill LeachateHardingKeith Bowers (Multi-Form Harvest)Kristina Schmunk, Michael Jue, Abhishek Yadav
Hog Fuel De-Watering Investigation for Minimization of Energy Use and CostHardingCasey Kramer (GP)Marcus Timo, Alex Bonham
Waste Fiber Recovery to Maximize Yield and Reduce Landfill CostsHardingCasey Kramer (GP)Steve Anderson, Jiefeng Chen
Design and Construction of a Distillation ColumnHarding Nick Kraaz, Aaron Badenoch, Chris Hoff, Tomo Kubota
Design and Construction of a Chromatographic Separation ProcessHarding Lars Bowlin, Tom Murphy, Edwin Stearns
Surfactant Remediation in Dyeing/Finishing Plant Water TreatmentHardingScott Echols, John Frazier (Nike)Evelyn Harper, Joe Anderson, Jordan Mingus
Spray Drying for Long Term Storage of Red Blood CellsHiggins Spencer Witter, Xiao-Yue Han, Arturo Valdivia
Recombinant MnP Production and RecoveryKellyChris Beatty (Trillium)Chelsea Edgmont, Ian Boucher, Jordan Hunt
Talking Waters Garden Wetland CharacterizationKelly Robin Wagner, Devon Frazier
Effect of Catalyst on Growth of Aligned Carbon NanotubesKoretsky Lauren Cummings, Patrick Mills, Harrison Schadel
Microbial Fuel Cell for Power Generation from Organic CompoundsLiu/Lesnik Ben Foley, Delancy Albers, Kayli Paterson
Biochar as an Alternative Adsorbent for Water TreatmentNasonJohn Miedema (Thompson Timber)Luke Injerd, Caitlin Bradach
Microscale Determination of CMC of PEO-PBD-PEO Triblock SurfactantsSchilke Josh Snider, Lauren Jansen


(* denotes team lead)
Catalyst Effects on Aligned Carbon Nanotube GrowthKoretsky Michael Jee, Andrew Pearson, Warren Pinkard
Labeled Nanoparticles to Investigate Environmental Transport and FateNason & Yokochi Martin Constien, Brittany Crutchfield, Anthony Testa
Development and Fabrication of a Low-Cost Solar CellHerman & FlynnSharpIan Braly, Philip Glover
Methanol Purification for Low-Cost Biodiesel ProductionHardingBeaver Biodiesel (Daniel Shafer)Paul Barrager, Nhat Hoang, Mitchell Martini
Supercritical Biodiesel Production and Product EvaluationWannenmacher & EuhusMBIJoseph De Wilde, Colin Reed, Keri Robinson
Essential Oil Steam CondenserHackleman Yousef Alanazi, Troy Gzik,Justin Pommerenck,Richard Vachkov
Wastewater Nutrient Recovery ProcessHardingCity of Corvallis (Keith Turner)Casey Bushnell, Nathan Kolibaba, John Mills
Drying on a High Speed Inkjet PressHardingHP (Jim Kearns)Kellen Fritch, Logan La Rossa
Sealant Development for Biodegradable Floral ContainersHardingWestern Pulp (Kaleb Stinger)Dinara Andirova,Harrison Cassady,Matthew Yoder
Spray Drying for Long-Term Storage of Red Blood CellsHigginsBend ResearchMeehe Kim, Mary Mc Lean, John Simeles
Temperature Control System Using LabviewGates & Harding Nadeem Houran, Jessica Powers
Nanoscanner for Nanomaterial Property CharacterizationHarper Keith Beckman, Ian Davis,Lane Gray


(* denotes team lead)
Optimization of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar CellsChang A. Wilson*, Evanado, Lebsack
Process Development for Fabrication of Microchannel DevicesHardingSteve Leith (PNNL), Todd Miller (MBI)Davidson*, Tewksbury, White
Enhanced Heat Exchange using Microchannel Array ArchitecturesHardingSteve Leith (PNNL), Todd Miller (MBI)Carter*, Perez, Rodriguez
Wireless Based Condition Based Monitoring systemHardingMarshall Field (Perpetua)McCauley, Johnson*, Hoskins, Bunte
Dispense Effects Using Thermal Inkjet for PharmaceuticalsHardingHeather Paris (HP)Dornath, Pierson, Huntington*
Product Development: Sports Fizzy Drink for Underseat Bicycle Hydration SystemHardingFrank Bretl (ValEau)Mandrawa
Ion Exchange for Cellulosic EthanolHardingSteve Potochnik (Trillium)Childress, Hammervold, Belsher, Cochran*
Modification of HPLC for Continuous-Flow Production of NanomaterialsHermanVoxtelFerron*, Hostetler, Al Falasi
Mass Spectrometer Startup and Characterization of Multi-Junction PhotovoltaicsHermanSharpRoberts*, Sherr
Perfusion Chamber Design for Cell Membrane Permeability Measurement in 3D TissuesHiggins Hudspeth, Midgett, McClanahan*
Towards Cryopreservation of Cultured Neurons: Measurement of Cell Membrane PermeabilityHiggins J. Wilson*, Bywater, Zarfas
Development of a Nanospring Microreactor SensorKelly Stillwell*, Elliot, Stoner
Biomass Production of the Bacteria Oenococcus OeniKelly Ashton, Kennedy*, Leitschuh, Juenke
Optimizing Wastewater Reclamation Plant Digester Gas UsageKelly/HardingKeith Turner (City of Corvallis)K. Wilson, Seniow*, Ghiglieri
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes and NanoforestsKoretsky Hemphill-Johnson, Kanaan*, Cooper
Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIIIMcGuire Tadehara, Dill, von Flotow*
Chain Length Effects on Nisin Adsorption to Polyethylene Oxide LayersMcGuire Gerasimenko*, Steyer, Sinclair
Hydrogel Composites for Spinal Disk ReplacementRochefort Lauder*, Baker, Yang, Long
Development of Microchannel ReactorsYokochi Najdek, Ong*, Alhamadah


(* denotes team lead)
Inkjet Deposition of Lithium Iron Phosphate for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries ChangPutnam, Yen, Li
Micro-Channel Mass Transfer CharacterizationONAMI/MBIHardingPrem, Eagleson, Houck
Dispense effects using thermal inkjet for pharmaceuticalsHewlett-PackardHardingRucker, Hobbs, Saeed
Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Biomass Hydrolyzate to EthanolTrillium FiberFuelsHardingMahouski, Kim, Doyle
Remote Thermoelectric-Powered Sensors for Remote SensingPerpetua PowerHardingByman, Bishop, Miller, Crevier
Measurement of cell membrane permeability in cultured neurons HigginsKeenlyside, Robertson
Sputtering Metal Films for Microelectronics: Forming Barrier Layers Using CuX Targets KoretskyWalker, Mehio, Nefcy
Surfactant interactions with human recombinant Factor VIII at air-water interfaces McGuireDunn, Graham, Reitmajer
Nanobiosensors Minot (Physics)Fitzgerald, Maloney, Howell
Process Testing for Household Water Treatment InventionCH2M HillNasonHeinze, Oleksak, Jacroux
Synthesis of doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles Nason, YokochiTimson, Le, Roth
Hydrogel Composites for Spinal Disk Replacement Rochefort, Brian Bay (MIME)Newbloom, Lim, Cary
Bone Matrix Production by Gel-Embedded Osteoblasts Turner (Nutrition)Edwards, Nickerson, Fifer
Biodiesel Production via a Continuous Catalytic Packed Bed ReactorONAMI/MBIWannenmacherVan Norman, Knapp, Bunn
Exploration of Low-Cost Implementation of Reactive Systems in Microreactors YokochiVarin, Deland, Weber
Microalgae Growth in Media Encapsulated with Membrane Tubes YokochiSexton, Reed, Gardiner


(* denotes team lead)
The use of recycled plastics in the design of insulated panels for "green building" applicationsRochefortInsulasticsMcDonald, Mauger, Anhorn
Lab to Pilot scale Microwave Mint Oil ExtractorHacklemanMint Industry Research CouncilD. Bailey, Langbehn, C. Bailey
Biodegradable PolymerHackleman Kim, Coolman, Kanamori
Design of a flow chamber for measuring cell membrane permeabilityHiggins Dennis, Coblyn
Pretreatment application of ligninolytic enzymesKelly Ebrahimi, Daalkhaijav, Rodriguez
Heat transfer in small sustainable thermoelectric power sourcesHardingPerpetua Power SourcesDelaney, Austin, Wills, Coussens
Controlling Protein-Surface Interactions to Improve Production of Recombinant Factor VIIIMcGuire Gray, Thompson
Algae growth for biofuelsYokochi Robinson, Bruce, Herzog
A Micro-Scale Mass-Exchanger for Forward Osmosis: Inland Desalination Operation and Disposal in Rural, Isolated CommunitiesYokochiMBIBertram, Cunningham, Traverso