OSU School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Senior Projects

Seniors in chemical, biological, and environmental engineering at Oregon State University can culminate their experience with a senior project.  Tabulated below are this year's projects with links to the teams' most recent presentation along with projects from previous years.  Projects are formulated in the fall, assigned in late January, and begin in mid-February.  They culminate in the OSU Engineering Expo and final presentations in mid-June.  This program is administered by the Linus Pauling Engineer.


Project Title Faculty Sponsor Industry Partner(s) Team
TaN Reactive Sputtering Process for Electrode ApplicationsConley (EECS)Melanie Bishop, Nathan Meininger, Morgan von Poppenheim
Supercritical Biodiesel Production from Algae Hackleman Dan Golden, James Gunadi, Nathan Rooney
Solar Powered Steam Generator Hackleman Nick Sitts, Max Gorman, Joe Squire
Compostible Polymer Mixing Study Harding Paul Nash (EcNow Tech) Chad Thomsen, Sean Crawford, Meaghan Jones
Gray Water to Toilet Harding Dave Eckert (Corvallis Sustainability Coalition) Brittany Park, John Isaacs, Dennis Petersen
Aerosol Management in a High-Speed Inkjet Press
Harding Jim Kearns (HP) Evan Slodysko, Zach Jordan, Ezra-Mel Pasikatan
Paper Microfluidics based Disease Diagnostics
Harding Manish Giri (HP) Meghan Keck, Bill Bedell, Travis Heinze, Spencer Saunders
Removal of Calcium Oxalate Precipitate from Landfill Leachate Harding Keith Bowers (Multi-Form Harvest) Kristina Schmunk, Michael Jue, Abhishek Yadav
Hog Fuel De-Watering Investigation for Minimization of Energy Use and Cost Harding Casey Kramer (GP) Marcus Timo, Alex Bonham
Waste Fiber Recovery to Maximize Yield and Reduce Landfill Costs Harding Casey Kramer (GP) Steve Anderson, Jiefeng Chen
Design and Construction of a  Distillation Column Harding Nick Kraaz, Aaron Badenoch, Chris Hoff, Tomo Kubota
Design and Construction of a Chromatographic Separation Process Harding Lars Bowlin, Tom Murphy, Edwin Stearns
Surfactant Remediation in Dyeing/Finishing Plant Water TreatmentHardingScott Echols, John Frazier (Nike)Evelyn Harper, Joe Anderson, Jordan Mingus
Spray Drying for Long Term Storage of Red Blood CellsHigginsSpencer Witter, Xiao-Yue Han, Arturo Valdivia
Recombinant MnP Production and RecoveryKellyChris Beatty (Trillium)Chelsea Edgmont, Ian Boucher, Jordan Hunt
Talking Waters Garden Wetland CharacterizationKellyRobin Wagner, Devon Frazier
Effect of Catalyst on Growth of Aligned Carbon NanotubesKoretskyLauren Cummings, Patrick Mills, Harrison Schadel
Microbial Fuel Cell for Power Generation from Organic CompoundsLiu/LesnikBen Foley, Delancy Albers, Kayli Paterson
Biochar as an Alternative Adsorbent for Water TreatmentNasonJohn Miedema (Thompson Timber)Luke Injerd, Caitlin Bradach
Microscale Determination of CMC of PEO-PBD-PEO Triblock SurfactantsSchilkeJosh Snider, Lauren Jansen


Project Title Faculty Sponsor Industry Partner(s) Team
Catalyst Effects on Aligned Carbon Nanotube Growth Koretsky    Michael Jee,  Andrew Pearson,  Warren Pinkard
Labeled Nanoparticles to Investigate Environmental Transport and Fate Nason & Yokochi    Martin Constien,  Brittany Crutchfield,  Anthony Testa
Development and Fabrication of a Low-Cost Solar Cell Herman & Flynn Sharp  Ian Braly,  Philip Glover
Methanol Purification for Low-Cost Biodiesel Production Harding Beaver Biodiesel (Daniel Shafer)  Paul Barrager,  Nhat Hoang,  Mitchell Martini
Supercritical Biodiesel Production and Product Evaluation Wannenmacher & Euhus MBI  Joseph De Wilde,  Colin Reed,  Keri Robinson
Essential Oil Steam Condenser Hackleman    Yousef Alanazi,  Troy Gzik,  Justin Pommerenck,  Richard Vachkov
Wastewater Nutrient Recovery Process Harding City of Corvallis (Keith Turner)  Casey Bushnell,  Nathan Kolibaba,  John Mills
Drying on a High Speed Inkjet Press Harding HP (Jim Kearns)  Kellen Fritch,  Logan La Rossa
Sealant  Development for Biodegradable Floral Containers Harding Western Pulp (Kaleb Stinger)  Dinara Andirova,  Harrison Cassady,  Matthew Yoder
Spray Drying for Long-Term Storage of Red Blood Cells Higgins Bend Research  Meehe Kim,  Mary Mc Lean,  John Simeles
Temperature Control System Using Labview Gates & Harding    Nadeem Houran,  Jessica Powers
Nanoscanner for Nanomaterial Property Characterization Harper    Keith Beckman,  Ian Davis,  Lane Gray


Project Title Faculty Sponsor Industry Partner(s) Team
Optimization of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells
Chang   A. Wilson (Lead), Evanado, Lebsack
Process Development for Fabrication of Microchannel Devices Harding Steve Leith (PNNL), Todd Miller (MBI) Davidson (Lead), Tewksbury, White
Enhanced Heat Exchange using Microchannel Array Architectures Harding Steve Leith (PNNL), Todd Miller (MBI) Carter (Lead), Perez Rodriguez
Wireless Based Condition Based Monitoring system Harding Marshall Field (Perpetua) McCauley,  Johnson (Lead), Hoskins, Bunte
Dispense Effects Using Thermal Inkjet for Pharmaceuticals Harding Heather Paris (HP) Dornath, Pierson, Huntington (Lead)
Product Development: Sports Fizzy Drink for Underseat Bicycle Hydration System Harding Frank Bretl (ValEau) Mandrawa
Ion Exchange for Cellulosic Ethanol Harding Steve Potochnik (Trillium) Childress, Hammervold, Belsher, Cochran (Lead)
Modification of HPLC for Continuous-Flow Production of Nanomaterials Herman Voxtel Ferron (Lead), Hostetler, Al Falasi
Mass Spectrometer Startup and Characterization of Multi-Junction Photovoltaics Herman Sharp Roberts (Lead), Sherr
Perfusion Chamber Design for Cell Membrane Permeability Measurement in 3D Tissues Higgins   Hudspeth, Midgett, McClanahan (Lead)
Towards Cryopreservation of Cultured Neurons: Measurement of Cell Membrane Permeability Higgins   J. Wilson (Lead), Bywater, Zarfas
Development of a Nanospring Microreactor Sensor Kelly   Stillwell (Lead), Elliot, Stoner
Biomass Production of the Bacteria Oenococcus Oeni   Kelly   Ashton, Kennedy (Lead), Leitschuh, Juenke
Optimizing Wastewater Reclamation Plant Digester Gas Usage Kelly/Harding Keith Turner (City of Corvallis) K. Wilson, Seniow (Lead), Ghiglieri
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoforests Koretsky   Hemphill-Johnson, Kanaan (Lead), Cooper
Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIII McGuire   Tadehara, Dill, von Flotow (Lead)
Chain Length Effects on Nisin Adsorption to Polyethylene Oxide Layers McGuire   Gerasimenko (Lead), Steyer, Sinclair
Hydrogel Composites for Spinal Disk Replacement Rochefort   Lauder (Lead), Baker, Yang, Long
Development of Microchannel Reactors Yokochi   Najdek, Ong (Lead), Alhamadah


Project Title Industry Sponsor Faculty Sponsor Team
Inkjet Deposition of Lithium Iron Phosphate for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries   Chang Putnam, Yen, Li
Micro-Channel Mass Transfer Characterization ONAMI/MBI Harding Prem, Eagleson, Houck
Dispense effects using thermal inkjet for pharmaceuticals Hewlett-Packard Harding Rucker, Hobbs, Saeed
Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Biomass Hydrolyzate to Ethanol Trillium FiberFuels Harding Mahouski, Kim, Doyle
Remote Thermoelectric-Powered Sensors for Remote Sensing Perpetua Power Harding Byman, Bishop, Miller, Crevier
Measurement of cell membrane permeability in cultured neurons   Higgins Keenlyside, Robertson
Sputtering  Metal Films for Microelectronics: Forming Barrier Layers Using CuX Targets   Koretsky Walker, Mehio, Nefcy
Surfactant interactions with human recombinant Factor VIII at air-water interfaces   McGuire Dunn,  Graham, Reitmajer
Nanobiosensors   Minot (Physics) Fitzgerald, Maloney, Howell
Process Testing for Household Water Treatment Invention CH2M Hill Nason Heinze, Oleksak, Jacroux
Synthesis of doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles   Nason, Yokochi Timson, Le, Roth
Hydrogel Composites for Spinal Disk Replacement   Rochefort, Brian Bay (MIME) Newbloom, Lim, Cary
Bone Matrix Production by Gel-Embedded Osteoblasts   Turner (Nutrition) Edwards, Nickerson, Fifer
Biodiesel Production via a Continuous Catalytic Packed Bed Reactor ONAMI/MBI Wannenmacher Van Norman, Knapp, Bunn
Exploration of Low-Cost Implementation of Reactive Systems in Microreactors   Yokochi Varin, Deland, Weber
Microalgae Growth in Media Encapsulated with Membrane Tubes   Yokochi Sexton, Reed, Gardiner


Project Title Faculty Sponsor Industry Sponsor Team
The use of recycled plastics in the design of insulated panels for "green building" applications Rochefort Insulastics McDonald, Mauger, Anhorn
Lab to Pilot scale Microwave Mint Oil Extractor Hackleman Mint Industry Research Council D. Bailey, Langbehn, C. Bailey
Biodegradable Polymer Hackleman
Kim, Coolman, Kanamori
Design of a flow chamber for measuring cell membrane permeability Higgins   Dennis, Coblyn
Pretreatment application of ligninolytic enzymes Kelly
Ebrahimi, Daalkhaijav, Rodriguez
Heat transfer in small sustainable thermoelectric power sources Harding Perpetua Power Sources Delaney, Austin, Wills, Coussens
Controlling Protein-Surface Interactions to Improve Production of Recombinant Factor VIII McGuire
Gray, Thompson
Algae growth for biofuels Yokochi
Robinson, Bruce, Herzog
A Micro-Scale Mass-Exchanger for Forward Osmosis: Inland Desalination Operation and Disposal in Rural, Isolated Communities Yokochi MBI Bertram, Cunningham, Traverso

Linus Pauling Engineer: Dr. David Hackleman


Team algaeoil: Growth of Algae for Biodiesel Production

Team Process Emulator: Reincarnation of a Process Emulation Test lab device from an 80's version.

Team arsenicout: Abating Arsenic in Drinking Water Using Alumina Sorbents

Team mint: Microwave mint oil extraction process.

Team bioetch: Plasma Etching of Bacterial Films

Team Polymer: Development of a biodegradeable polymer from waste glycerin from biodiesel manufacture.

Team biofuelit: Construction of a Scale model operating Biodiesel Production Plant

Team Polysolve: Identification and demonstration of a replacement solvent for poly gas pipe in-situ welding

Team Biodiesel Fiji: Developing a Biodiesel Manufacturing Process Suitable for use in Fiji.

Team uR (Microreactor): Manufacture of a micro reactor through Ink-Jet and UV Curable Polymer.

Team Nanocompsits: Development of Magnetic Nanocomposits.

Team VacDistill: Development of a vacuum distillation system for biofuel manufacture purification.

Team BioDiesel Base: Investigating local waste bases for use as the catalyst for Biodiesel manufacture.


Team algaeoil: Growth of Alge for Biodiesel Production

Team hercolube: Reducing Contamination of Hercolube

Team arsenicout: Abating Arsenic in Drinking Water Using Alumina Sorbents

Team mint: Energy Analysis of Mint Oil Distillation Process

Team bioetch: Plasma Etcing of Bacterial Films

Team nisintie: Preparing Antibacterial Coatings by Attaching Nisin to Surfaces

Team biofuelit: Design of a Pilot Scale Biodiesel Production Plant

Team oxymod: Finite Element Modeling of Wet Oxidation of Silicon

Team citrateit: Preparing Biocompatible Coatings Using Surface Tethered Citrate

Team pamam: Production of Modified Dendrimers for Drug Delivery

Team cnanotube: Assembly and Characterization of a Carbon Nanotube Preparation Reactor

Team solarspin: Preparing Photovoltaic Stacks by Spin Coating With Nanostructured Precursors

Team gofuelcell: Characterization of Power Density of Fuel Cell Stacks Supplied With Bacterial Hydrogen


Biodiesel Manufacturing and Testing

Micro Membrane Phosphate Filter

Polymers from Glycerol Waste

Liq-Liq Extraction purification of Biofuel

Biodiesel Microreactor

Femlab Spin Coat process Modeling

Landfills and Fuel Cells

PECVD Diamond Film Generation

Temperature effect on CVD Si3N4 growth

LPCVD Nanotube Generation

Rate Constant study on CVD Si3N4 growth

Photocatalysis decomposition of organics

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

Team 14



1. Investigation into the manufacture of BioDiesel through the use of supercritical fluid conditions.

The objective is to develop a process that will dramatically reduce the time for the biodiesel chemical reaction and simplify the separation. The mid-term presentaiton is here, and the final here.

2. Exploring Fuel Cell utilization to generate electricity from collected landfill gas.

A local land fill (Coffin Butte) is considering adding electro-generation capacity and would like to use a fuel cell. The gas composition from the landfill contains materials that would poison the membranes. The mid-term presentation is here and the final here.

3. Chemical Mechanical Polishing study

A research group wishes to utilize CMP and needs to install and characterize a system recently acquired. The mid-term presentation is here. The final is missing.

4. A Polymeric Optical Waveguide for Integrated Circuit Technology

Optically transparent transistors are in development at OSU. These devices could utilize polymeric waveguides, if they can be created by gradient index of refraction polymers coated on the material. The mid-term presentation is missing, the final here.

5. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Nitride and Cleaning processes.

The cleaning process is known to dramatically affect the deposition rate. This experiment is to learn some of the parameters that control deposition. The mid term presentation is here, the final here.

6. Use of Recycled Polymers for Impact Absorbing devices

Auto bumpers, personal protection devices, and projectile deflectors currently use very expensive engineered materials. Some of these applications might be suitable for recycled polymers instead. The mid term presentation is missing, the final here.

7. Analysis of Soy Sauce Fermentation

Soy sauce requires a very long fermentation cycle there may be opportunity for process acceleration, but does the Sauce retain its characteristic taste and other qualities? The mid term presentation is here, the final here.

8. Plasma etching polymers for superhydrophobic surface generation

Can one manufacture a superhydrophobic surface in a polymer through the use of plasma etching? If so, it might be useful in biomaterials applications. The mid term presentation is here, the final here.