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Water is the foundation of life. But across the globe, water quality is being compromised as communities struggle with population growth, climate change, industrial and agricultural pollution, and other pressures. Ensuring a safe supply of this precious resource is a growing need worldwide, a need that could become the source of increasing geopolitical conflict. 

Oregon State University launched the Clean and Sustainable Water Technology Initiative in 2018 with a $3.28 million gift from Jon and Stephanie DeVaan. At the core of this venture is a collaborative community of faculty and students, working together to solve one of the one of the National Academy of Engineering's "Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century." This effort builds on the university’s strengths, to help make Oregon State a national leader in clean and sustainable water technology solutions.

Leading the initiative is Lewis Semprini, distinguished professor of environmental engineering. Several scholars within the College of Engineering are recognized nationally and globally for innovative research on water systems. They specialize in improving access to clean water, treating wastewater, strengthening upstream processes, and improving the infrastructure needed to manage water sustainability. (Read more ...)