The Environmental Engineering Graduate Program in the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering and the Water Resources Engineering Program in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering seeks applicants for endowed DeVaan Fellowships for Clean and Sustainable Water Technology. Three DeVaan Fellowships will be awarded to graduate students entering the Environmental Engineering Graduate Program or the Water Resources Engineering Program in Fall 2019.

The Fellowships are part of the Clean and Sustainable Water Technology Initiative of the College of Engineering at Oregon State University. The research themes of the Initiative are the development of: technology for water treatment and reuse (e.g., membranes, catalysts, sensors, advanced chemical and biological processes); nondestructive/nonintrusive testing methods and tools to assess deterioration of water and wastewater distribution infrastructure; and smart and sustainable strategies for improving performance of water systems, renewal of aging water infrastructure, and managing long term resiliency of water resources. The Fellowships include a 12-credit tuition wavier, a competitive graduate stipend, and health benefits for the first year of graduate school.  

Graduate studies in Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University emphasize the understanding of fundamental scientific and engineering principles to manage and solve environmental problems in natural and engineering systems. The instructional program is designed to develop strong analytical, design, and management capabilities in the application of biological, chemical and physical processes. Students are prepared for careers in consulting and design, environmental monitoring and management, or teaching and research. Research focuses include hazardous substances, environmental microbiology, fundamentals of transport processes in the environment, environmental chemistry, and groundwater and surface water resources.

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The graduate program in Water Resources Engineering in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University emphasizes interdisciplinary research and education on emerging themes related to environmental hazards (e.g., floods, contaminant spills), hydroinformatics, water resources systems analysis, watershed hydrology, green infrastructure, food-energy-water nexus, and adaptation planning. The instructional program aims at developing strong abilities to conduct engineering work involving basic concepts and principles, technical analysis, planning, design and management. The program seeks to enable students to pursue research topics that cross the traditional boundaries of water resources engineering, and to prepare students for leadership positions in academia, private, and public sectors.

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Applications to our Ph.D. programs are due by December 20, 2018. If you have any questions regarding the DeVaan Fellowships for Clean and Sustainable Water Technology, please contact Professor Lewis Semprini (