Corvallis, OR 97331
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Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Faculty Research Assistant
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Zlatko Dimcovic’s work interest is in writing software to solve complex scientific problems, in particular those that are algorithmically and technically challenging. His efforts involve low-level code in compiled languages and higher level scripting tools in a variety of languages including C++, C, modern Fortran, Perl, Python, Matlab, and Mathematica. He has proficiency with handling large data sets, networking, system management and maintenance, parsing, conversion of data/file formats, and graphical interfaces.


Oregon State University Ph.D. (Physics-Quantum Computing) 2012

Case Western Reserve University M.S. (Theoretical Physics) 2001

Imperial College, London M.S. (Theoretical Physics) 1996

University of Belgrade B.S. (Physics) 1994

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